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Our team is growing. It consists of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI Use Case Specialists, IT-Engeniers and Customer Success Managers.

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We believe in artificial intelligence for renewable energy and foresee a future in which every turbine operates with AI Services. 

Turbit is a fast growing Startup in Berlin. We embrace diversity, criticial thinking and combining science with a hands on development approach.    

We focus on data science use cases that have a crisp value for our customers. We cherish scientific validation, reliability and speed when it comes to model deployment. 

AI Services for the Wind Industry

Turbit Systems offers AI Services for the wind industry. Operators work withTurbit to make automated and model-driven decisions that increase the profitability of wind energy projects. Each customer benefits from Turbit's vast turbine data base through better model performance and benchmarking of individual turbines.

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